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The ECO 50 Tow-Behind Spreader is a new addition to the Ecolawn line. Its design was developed based on our own experience as lawn care professionals as well as suggestions from our customers. This spreader integrates features normally found in much larger top dressers into our own proven lightweight and maneuverable design.

  • A wide base frame improves stability and accommodates a wide conveyor system for increased surface contact.

  • An extra differential support bracket has been added in order to handle greater weight.

  • A convenient, single lever engages the conveyor/agitator system and also opens the trap flap for spreading.

  • Four tie-down points have been integrated into the new design.

  • A quick adjustment agitator belt tensioner system makes it easy to adapt on the go.

  • The larger frame gives the hopper a wider live bottom. This feature works together sides and large rounded corners and edges to eliminate product bridging.

ECO 50

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