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ECO 150

The ECO 150 Self-Propelled Compost Spreader’s superior maneuverability allows professionals to broadcast material in a 180-degree forward arc, making topdressing effortless and smooth. This New Generation applicator was developed based on our own experience as lawn care professionals and also incorporates suggestions from our customers.

  • The ECO 150 maintains the same lightweight, maneuverable three-wheel design as its predecessor, the ECO 100.

  • A wider base frame improves stability and accommodates a wide conveyor system for increased surface contact.

  • An extra differential support bracket has been added in order to handle greater weight.

  • All levers and handles have been re-positioned for ease of use and comfort.

  • Four tie-down points have been integrated into the new design.

  • A quick adjustment agitator belt tensioner system makes it easy to adapt on the go.

  • The larger frame gives the hopper a wider live bottom. This feature works together with its steep smooth sides and large rounded corners and edges to eliminate product bridging.

Additional information
Application Speed 9 cu. ft. per minute / 8 cu. yd. per hour
Application Width 3 to 20 feet
Application Thickness up to 1/4″
Materials Light soil mix, Screened compost
Hopper Capacity 11.5 cu. ft. load
Adaptive Components Chain-Driven Agitator Kit, Short Agitator Kit, Side Deflector
Axle Peerless
Broadcasting Drive Mechanism Belt and pulley
Broadcasting Mechanism Large single disk
Engine Vaguard 160 5hp
Engine Warranty Briggs & Stratton engine international warranty
Ground Speed Up to 5 mph
Weight Distribution Design Three-wheel design
Empty Weight 295 lbs
Dimension (L/W/H) 78 x 34 x 40 in
Warranty One (1) year commercial use
Certification CE Certified

ECO 150

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