ECO 250S

ECO 250S

Experience unparalleled sand spreading precision and efficiency with the ECO 250-S. Equipped with an additional weight deflector and specialized conveyor belt, achieving even and effortless distribution of fine materials has never been easier.

  • The ECO 250’s maneuverable four-wheel design provides better weight distribution and stability. This makes handling heavier products feasible without sacrificing maneuverability or ease of operation.
  • A wider base frame improves stability and accommodates a wide conveyor system for increased surface contact.
  • An extra differential support bracket has been added in order to handle greater weight.
  • All levers and handles have been re-positioned for ease of use and comfort.
  • Four tie-down points have been integrated into the new design.
  • A quick adjustment agitator belt tensioner system makes it easy to adapt on the go.
  • The larger frame gives the hopper a wider live bottom. This feature works together with its steep smooth sides and large rounded corners and edges to eliminate product bridging.

Whether applying compost, sand, soil or a custom blend to existing turf, the ECO 250’s superior maneuverability allows professionals to broadcast bulk material in a 180-degree forward arc, making topdressing quick, smooth and effortless.

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The ECO 250’s live bottom conveyor system transports material toward an agitator that breaks up clumps and moves the material consistently out the trap door. The material then drops onto dual reverse spin rotary disks that broadcasts the product onto the lawn in an even 180-degree pattern. The conveyor, agitator and rotary disk systems work together to handle product containing up to 65% moisture content.

Affordable, versatile, reliable, and easy to maintain, the ECO 250 Self-Propelled Top Dresser is considered the best in its category for both residential and commercial use. It is lightweight, maneuverable, durable and user friendly.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Application Speed

9 cu. ft. per minute / 8 cu. yd. per hour

Application Width

4 to 18 feet

Application Thickness

up to 1/4"


All grades of sand, Calcined clay, Crumb rubber, Light soil mix, Lime, Most pelletized products, Pulverized soils, Sand, Screened compost, Screened loam, Unlimited blends of all products

Hopper Capacity

11.5 cu. ft. load

Adaptive Components

Chain-Driven Agitator Kit, Long Agitator Kit



Broadcasting Drive Mechanism

Dual Peerless gear boxes

Broadcasting Mechanism

Dual reverse spin disks


5.5 HP Honda GX 160

Engine Warranty

Honda engine international warranty

Ground Speed

Up to 5 mph

Weight Distribution Design

Four-wheel design

Empty Weight

320 lbs

Dimension (L/W/H)

78 x 34 x 40 in


One (1) year commercial use


CE Certified


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