Ecolawn Top Dresser – Compost Spreader- # 1 Compact Top Dresser

Top Dressing with Compost and Other Bulk Materials

Ecolawn Applicator is leading in the manufacturering of broadcast, self-propelled compost spreaders / topdressers, and setting the standard for the turf industry professionals. The Ecolawn compost spreader is the number 1 choice among landscapers, and gaining ground with golf course superintendents, and sports fields professionals. Whether topdressing sand or compost to maintain or restore a lawn, or applying infield mixes, top soil, calcite clay, crumble rubber, or treating walks and drives with icemelt and rock salt the Ecolawn Applicator does it all with ease. 

Turf Renovation and Sustainable Lawn Care in High Demand

Designed in 1994, the Ecolawn Compost Spreader was created out of necessity by Daniel Cote. “I couldn’t find a self-propelled, walk-behind compost top dresser to spread soil on residential or commercial properties, so I built one for my own landscaping business. Soon after, numerous lawncare professionals recognized the value in such an applicator and now everyone wants an Ecolawn compost spreader.” The Ecolawn Spreader meets the demand of customers for organic, sustainable lawncare and at the same time fulfills the new regulations for less chemical applications.

Spread Sand, Compost, and Top Soil with Ease

Our self-propelled, walk-behind compost spreaders / topdressers are reliable and efficient. With the Ecolawn Compost spreader, you can topdress lawns, apply bulk materials such as compost and soil mixes, to lawns, sports turf, under row of crops, hedges, and even grape vines, all with an efficiency and maneuverable Ecolawn Applicator . These durable topdressers make effortless 90° and 180° turns around obstacles while trimming along sidewalks and flower beds. Both the ECO 100 and ECO 200 have easy maneuverability as compost spreaders/topdressers, good for any application.

Testimony video
Testimony video